Turn Complexity into Clarity


As the volume, velocity, variety and variability of data increase, many government agencies and business enterprises are finding it more and more difficult to collect, store and manage – let alone understand – the data they have on hand. Red River turns data complexity into clarity, uncovering the value of data insights with advanced analytics solutions and services.

Red River has the analytics expertise needed to assist organizations with the tasks of bringing together structured and unstructured data from internal and external, human and machine-driven sources, then analyze it fully to unlock key insights.

Strategic Solutions

Our primary analytics focus areas include:

  • Data Center Analytics: Go beyond traditional data center modeling tools to get a federated view of enterprise-wide data and make better technology decisions.
  • Security Analytics: Use real or near-real time analytics to discover threats sooner and enable a proactive security stance.
  • IT Operations Analytics: Use machine-generated data to see how your environment is operating, reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Available Resources