Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership Team

Red River’s greatest asset has always been our people. They’re at the core of our company and exemplify our values of purpose, integrity, collaboration, creativity, philanthropy and a strong work ethic. With this experienced leadership team in place, we are able to grow as an organization and better fulfill our mission of making a positive impact on citizens, soldiers, consumers and employees. It’s why we’re in a solid position to help our customers achieve success.

Rick Bolduc Headshot

Rick Bolduc

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Alan Dumas Headshot

Alan Dumas

Dan McGee Headshot

Dan McGee

Tim Rod Headshot

Tim Rod

Jason Juranek Headshot

Jason Juranek

Ross Woodley Headshot

Ross Woodley

Chief Programs Officer (CPO)
Kush Kumar Headshot

Kush Kumar

Chief Revenue Officer
Sera Gray Headshot

Sera Gray

Chief Information Officer
Ed Levens Headshot

Ed Levens

VP of Marketing
Jenn Hood Headshot

Jennifer Hood

Senior VP of HR
Joe Hornyak Headshot

Joe Hornyak

VP and General Counsel
Jeff Snider Headshot

Jeff Snider

Chief Growth Officer
Jason Waldrop Headshot

Jason Waldrop

President, Managed Services