Time is a resource you can’t afford to waste. With a DevOps approach, Red River combines software development and IT systems to automate and speed up the delivery process of software development and infrastructure changes while reducing costs.

Our DevOps services help steer your development and IT operation teams into a systematic way of thinking in order to deliver software in a more efficient manner. We will tailor the DevOps processes and tools that can best fit your organization. By building automation in provisioning, testing and deployment, we can bring your organization the speed to build and release applications. This gives you the agility to react to ever-changing business requirements, to experiment with new features, and to build a continuous improvement environment.

Our engineers provide a full range of DevOps and application development support, from websites and applications to clouds and containers, for organizations large and small.


Docker Consulting

As a Docker ized consulting partner and reseller, Red River can help your organization leverage container technology to accelerate the application delivery lifecycle across environments, from testing sites to staging environments to physical and virtual machines. Our containers package together all the necessary application dependencies, eliminating the difficulties that accompany running applications across different operating systems and underlying infrastructures. We offer the following Docker services:

  • Docker adoption assessment and planning
  • Docker datacenter implementation
  • Application containerization
  • Docker-based DevOps Services


Our certified, experienced development engineers offer the following capabilities:

  • Architect, develop and maintain enterprise applications
  • Deliver complete stack experience, from the application to the web services and the database layer
  • Web and mobile application testing and development
  • DevOps consulting services
  • Docker assessment and implementation
  • Docker training, maintenance and support
  • Simplified cloud migration


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