Lifecyle Services

Technology is an investment. We’ll make the most of it.

Red River can help you increase the efficiency of your hardware and software by closely managing your product lifecycle. Organizations are managing too many contracts, with a lack of visibility, uncertain service delivery and the risk of non-compliance. With Red River’s Lifecycle Services, customers get a clear understanding of their offerings and expectations on service delivery. Allow Red River to optimize the refresh and replace lifecycle to best align with your contract agreements and maximize your technology investment.


RedConnect is our secure, proprietary web-based service for complete multi-vendor hardware and software service, support, warranty and contracts management.

With RedConnect, you can securely access multiple support contracts and warranty information with one click and designate user access levels to maintain control. Correct errors and request data changes online and efficiently manage disparate contract data to resolution. RedConnect capabilities include:

  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Support for Multiple OEMs
  • Consolidated Invoicing and Warranty Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-Vendor Contract Consolidation
  • Service Level Monitoring, Reporting and Metrics

Benefit from Simplified Support:

Resolve IT Issues Faster: Quickly resolve hardware issues, facilitate replacement of critical components and expedite response times should an OEM need to be engaged.

Gain a Clear Understanding of Complex Challenges: Red River Simplified Support is delivered by experts who take time to understand your issues and communicate responses in clear terms everyone can understand.

Mitigate Risk and Streamline Operations: Red River’s Simplified Support team proactively identifies and addresses IT issues and eliminates OEM support delays that can undermine forward business momentum.

Protect Technology Investments: Customized plans cover the assets you choose and provide the level of support you need to protect your valuable technology investments.

Enable Compliance: Security-cleared resources working from our U.S.-based Network Operations Center support compliance for federal agencies.

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Lifecycle Services

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