Quickly and securely enable remote workers

Our Remote Workforce Assist program provides a comprehensive, quickly deployable solution for your new remote work needs. We can help you set up your employees to work from 电子货币是什么home in hours – not days. We’ll deliver access to your organizations’ applications and files, provide essential collaboration tools and enable a disaster recovery solution for a worst-case scenario.



Our Remote Workforce Assist package starts with getting your team up and running. We’ll set up and deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop, accessed from any device with web browser. The user experience can be tailored by department and role, allowing for an efficient and productive experience.

With Teams, employees can participate in live chat, share files, meet virtually and even host live events. We can quickly procure or enable licenses, set up your channels for your organization, and offer training to get your team running at peak productivity.

Our disaster recovery solution stores all your business essentials in the cloud, whether you currently use colocation or an on-premise solution. We copy your workload, store it, test it regularly, and if your system ever fails, we’ll reinstate it from the cloud.


Spotlight on Success

DECO Recovery Management


DECO Recovery Management, a healthcare organization with a team of 200, is now fully remote-enabled, thanks to Red River’s support. We were able move on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365, enabling SharePoint and OneDrive for remote file sharing and storage. We also replaced their legacy Unified Communications system with Microsoft Teams for calling and collaboration. Finally, we secured the data and users with our MobilityPlus solution, which allows for identity management and conditional access – giving peace of mind. From beginning to end, Red River supported DECO’s digital transformation and move to a remote-enable workforce environment.